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This post may contain affiliate links which are at no cost to you. For more information, see my disclosures.

Homesteading, anxiety and a simpler life, how do we deal with it?


A homesteaders way of life is often times referred to as the” simple life…” while that is true in some ways, it isn’t in others. It can also be a time for anxiety attacks.

When we first began homesteading (a few years ago) we were doing so on 1 main outside income…mine. While this was a good way for us to begin our journey to the life we envisioned, it was anything but simple or easy and often created a high level of anxiety.  Anxiety can often create an enormous amount of pressure for the one working in the corporate world. You might be questioning yourself as to  “why am I not helping out”, “why aren’t I getting done the things I need to” and so on.


There are many ways to combat those feelings and keep them under control here are a few that I find comfort in

  1. Stop! Look around at the beauty that is all around you on your homestead. From the sunrise or sunset to the flowers, fields, gardens or trees and realize that the sacrifices you’re making now will be worth it soon.
  2.  Tell yourself every day that this life is worth every struggle you may encounter,  this job is only a brief stop in your journey to happiness.
  3. Start a journal,  sometimes simply writing down the things that cause anxious moments will help to keep the perspective of why these sacrifices are being made.
  4.  Have a spot where you can go on your homestead to meditate and find peace. That may be your flower garden, vegetable garden, on the porch in a swing, or even sitting on a stump as mom used to say :), you get the idea. Whatever and where ever works for you.
 Most importantly…BREATHE!! Close your eyes and just breathe in and out deeply. And never forget what it’s all about and how happy it will make you. All the sacrifices, worries, sleepless nights that you encounter believe me will be worth it.

You have to have the mindset that homesteading is a lifestyle in and of its own. And with that lifestyles are struggles, anxious moments, sacrifices and worried sleepless nights. But, they can all be dealt with by reminding yourself daily what you are gaining. How happy the little accomplishments make you feel. And most of all by remembering to “never let weeds grow around your dreams.”