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Does your money not quite reach the end of your month?

Do you find yourself struggling to get there?

There are many ways to stretch your dollars from using coupons to menu planning…..

  • When shopping for groceries or other essentials the first thing you need to do is make a list and stick to it! Also, look for items with a coupon on them or buy generic labels. Try using coupons, many places accept them and some will even double the amount listed!

  • Buy in bulk when it’s on sale! Things like toilet tissue and paper towels are always good places to start. Try buying rice and beans to use as meal stretchers.
  • – Download an app for your phone such as or which pays you to buy certain products by simply taking a picture of your receipt and sending it to them. (I personally love Checkout51 and it’s really easy to use too!) There’s also and to name a few.
  • -After you have harvested, canned and frozen the things from your garden, take the excess and sell it to or trade it with your neighbors for something you didn’t grow. Try setting up a small stand and sell it IF your local ordinances allow it.
  • – Eat at home more often! It’s healthier and cheaper.
  • – Plan out your meals for the month this will help you to know what you need and don’t have on hand. I have a large monthly calendar that I write each day on and that way if something comes up and I need to switch to a quick meal idea I just simply switch the days on the calendar.
  • Lastly and most importantly…Don’t buy it if you don’t need it! Impulse buys are very costly to any budget!
  • Now then, you have a few ideas to help you to stretch your money a little farther. Buying in bulk, planning meals, growing your own food, and simply paying attention to where your money goes will help you to “stretch” it out!